How Business Coaching Works

What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching applies fundamental coaching principles to all or part of an organisation. It follows a rigorous methodology employing both facilitative coaching processes as well as many management consulting tools.

The importance of employee productivity to organisational success is undisputed. It is therefore interesting to know what the components of productivity. To that end, consider the following common-sense equation:

Productivity equation image

Employees at all levels need to be sufficiently skilled, properly deployed and motivated to be optimally productive towards achieving the organisation’s vision. Now, the skills and experience element is typically managed through well-defined HR processes – viz. training and recruitment. The management team typically manages the planning and effective use of staff. The employee motivation aspect however, is rarely managed well in firms. Recent Harvard research on motivation and the results of Ashbridge Management Index survey confirm this.

Certainly throwing money and incentives at employees may work for a short while. For sustainable motivation however, there needs to be an alignment between the personal goals and aspirations of each employee and the contribution he or she makes towards vision of the organisation. This alignment is precisely what the business coaching process delivers.

The Business Coaching Process

It is difficult to describe a generic process since business coaching solutions depend on the context and scale of the project – e.g. the process will be different for an organisation-wide culture change project versus a project to restructure a particular deparment. For illustrative purposes however, please read our article Business Coaching for Sustainable Employee Motivation.


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